Google Ads Placement

Friday, December 12, 2008 · 1 comments

Google ads or any pay per click ads placement is critical on the outcome of your blogs earnings. Couple with a large traffic on your site, ad placement will determine the overall revenue from your blog.

To make the most of the benefit of Pay Per Click ads, placement optimization is necessary. One should know what type of ads is earning the most, its size and other factors . To have an idea on this , surf the web, read popular blog, take a look at sites that are earning. Observe their ad placement then you will have an idea of what a good ad placement is. Observe your surfing habits, your computing habits. From observing yourself you can deduce what other normal surfers are behaving. Take for example your mouse pattern. Normally for myself I tend to place my mouse cursor on the right side of the screen. So when a surfer is viewing a particular site, most of the time the cursor is placed on the right side of the screen. So from this, we can assume that a good ad placement is on the right side of your site. Specifically on the right side bar.

Another good ad placement is above the blog post. Placing the ad above the blog post ensures that it will be the first thing the the reader sees when he/she views your blog posting. So if he/she sees something that interests him, he will eventually click the ads.

There are other techniques of ad placement that can earn you the most. The best thing to do is experiment and see whats the best result to have the most revenue.

Adbrite Ads and Pay-to-Surf

Monday, December 8, 2008 · 3 comments

I have recently created a new adzone with adbrite and it was rejected due to a post on my blog. Their email states that it was rejected due to a violation of their Publishers Acceptable User Policy. Their email states,

Hello Publisher,

We've completed the review of your zone, RightSideBar2 ( Zone ID #949791 ), that you've submitted. Unfortunately, we are unable to approve it for our marketplace at this time due to the following reasons:

- Paid To-Click/Read/Search/Surf

To view our publisher zone policy, please visit use our searchable FAQs or click here: Publisher Acceptable Use Policy.

If you wish to petition our decision or you have changed your site's content to meet our standards, please forward this email to with a request to have your zone re-reviewed.

The AdBrite Team
After receiving the email I promptly reviewed my site and remove the post relating to Paid To-Click/Read/Search/Surf site. I promptly emailed the Adbrite support stating that I have already remove all references and articles relating to the PTC sites . Here's their reply:

Hello xxxx,

Thank you for contacting us.

I have re-reviewed the zone, and it will begin receiving ads in the next 24 hours. Please do not reference any pay-to-click, auto-surf, or other programs that generate invalid clicks or impressions. Generating invalid clicks is not permitted by our Acceptable Use Policy, and is considered a severe violation.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards,
Patrick S.
AdBrite Customer Support

After that, my zone was readily approved. I really appreciate and commend the adbrite support team for the quick response and action.

Make Money With Friendster


Friendster is a social networking site with roughly about 85 million member worldwide. It is similar to Facebook, MySpace and other networking site. Friendster is mostly popular on Asia with a very large traffic coming from the Philippines. But how do we make money at Friendster. If you are an existing affiliate marketer, you can make use of Friendster to promote you product.

First sign up with Friendster if your are not an existing member. If you have an existing member log in to your account.

Go to My Profile>Edit Profile.

At the Edit Profile Page, you will see a number of forms where you enter some information about yourself. Scroll down to the form where you can see the About Me and the Describe Who you Want to Meet Form. At this form, HTML is allowed , so this is where we will paste our affiliate banner codes and links. Go to you affiliate network and then got copy and paste you code on the about me and describe yourself form.

After your done click save and then view your profile to see the resulting affiliate banner.But be warned, do not do this on your personal profile or you may get banned. Create a new profile on Friendster specifically for affiliate marketing. Do this at your own risk.

Happy marketing!

Make Money with Adsense Alternative


Google adsense is today the leader in contextual advertising. Google is very strict when it comes to placing your ads with other advertising networks. Some publisher are finding it hard to use adsense when they already have an existing advertisement from other networks.

Besides Google adsense bloggers and publishers can monetize their site using other ad networks. Adbrite, BidVertiser, Widgetbucks and Linkworth are some of the few advertising networks that bloggers can utilize to earn money on their site.

Adbrite is one of the most popular alternative to Google Adsense.

Ad Offerings
It offers the following ad types
Banner and Text Ads
There are five standard banner sizes publisher can choose from. Banners can pay on a CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) or CPC (cost per click).
Text Ads
Customizable text ads with different sizes to choose from. Publishers can choose to sell flat-rate ads that run for a fixed time for a fixed price.
Full Page Ads
This ads are displayed in between the webpages, where users has the option to view or skip the advertisers ads. It can be customize to mimic the look and feel your site. It also has the option to be displayed after a number of pageviews.
Inline Ads
These are ads that when a user rollovers the hightlighted text, an ad will be displayed.
Payment Method
Payment is thru checks.

Another pay per click ad network.

Add Offerings
Text Ads
Customizable ad design using their free ad design template.
Payment Method
Payment is thru Paypal or Check. Minimum payment for Paypal $10.00 while for the check is $25.

Monetize your Website or Blog with BidVertiser

This ad network has many optional offerings which can benefit publishers. Publishers can earn as much as 70% earnings from their ads.

Add Offerings
These are paid for blog post written by publishers or bloggers . Advertisers will determine what will be the exact subject of the post by providing specific keywords.
Links to advertisers are directly embedded on the publishers content pages. Keywords are determined by the advertisers. These keywords are directly link to the advertiser's target pages resulting in highly relevant backlinks, thus boosting their page relevancy and popularity.
These are text-based advertisements linked directly to an advertiser’s target landing page and hosted in a specific area of the publisher's homepage, sub-page or entire website. Publishers control their earning potential by determining how many ads to host, which pages you to host them on, and LinkWorth will do the rest.
These are internet billboards written by the advertisers with links to ther products and services. Once a publishers approve the content, the content page is hosted as a page on your website. This content pages are written by LinkWorth content writers so publishers are assured of quality content with specific keyword showing up on search engine result pages. This will not only help the advertisers boost their page popularity but the publisher's as well.
These are pay-per-click ads, publisher earns revenue when a user clicks on the advertisement. These are hyperlink keywords which advertisers chose, when a user mouseover the link an advertisement will appear displaying the advertisers product.
Payment Method
Payment is thru Direct Deposit (US Only), Bank Wire Transfer (International Only), Paypal transfer or a mailed business check on a monthly basis.

Another good alternative to Google adsense . I havent have time to explore this ad network yet since my application is still pending. I have read that they display ads using flash animation.

These ad networks are the ones Im utilizing to monetize my blog. How about you, what are the ad networks present at your site?


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