Make Money With Widgeteers

Monday, December 22, 2008 · 1 comments

Click here to join The Widgeteers - Viral Marketing - Instant Ads

The Widgeteers is a new advertising network which can help increase your blog traffic and in the same time make money for you. It provides widgets, ad blocks, fly in and exit ads which you can placed on your site.

How does it Work
Everytime a visitor on your site sees the widgets , you get credit for that impression. The more impressions you have the more chances that your site will appear on other members widget ads on the Widgeeters network. So you have a free advertising, your ad impression will grow virally and exponentially the more credits you have.

Another way of earning credits is to refer others to the Widgeeters network. You will get ad credit s once they display the widgets on their site. You still earn credits from your referrals when they refer others to the network. The referral system is up to 10 levels deep , so the more your referral the more you earn ad credits.


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