Make Money with Amazon MTurk

Thursday, December 18, 2008 · 1 comments

If you want to increase your online revenue, Amazon MTurk is a good place to find some additional revenue. Amazon MTurk is an online virtual workplace where everyone can find work. Workers earn by working on tasks or Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs).

How Does It Work
There are two types of account, which anyone can register. You can register as a worker or as a requester. Requesters are the ones that provide HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks), while the workers are the one who will do the tasks.

First you have to register as a worker as the site calls its members. You can explore the site for any task that you are qualified and then accomplished as instructed by the requester. There are various tasks that a worker can perform. Task can be as easy as verifying email addresses on a given website or searching for a most appropriate result for a given search term. There are also task such as writing a 150-300 words review on a website, searching for a product and then submitting a review. A requester may have a hundred or a thousand HITS per request, workers may work on it or he/she can look for another that suits his/her interest.

Not all tasks can be available to a worker. Before a worker can work on a certain HIT, he or she must be qualified to do that task. The requester specifies the qualification on a certain task. Qualifications are based on the following criteria, HIT abandonment rate, HIT approval rate, HIT rejection rate, HIT return rate, HIT submission rate, Location qualification and Total Approved HITs.

How You Earn
Workers are given compensation after the requester has approved the given task. Compensation is given as rewards. Rewards can be directly transferred to your nominated banks or can be converted to Amazon
Gift Certificates
. Reward price range can be as low as .01 cents up to about $7. I have yet to see rewards as high as $10 for a given HIT.

In Conclusion
If you are hardworking enough, the potential for earning on this site is quite high. Maybe you may not earn a thousand a day on this but fifty to a hundred dollars a day seems possible. If you are good in writing you can earn more, since some of the high paying tasks involves writing reviews then you can earn more. But one shortcoming I notice is that since the requester is the sole authority on the approval of the completed task, it is possible that he can reject it even though the given answer is valid. This means he already benefited from the work and you are not compensated with the work you have performed. Though I have yet to read or heard about any of this kind of incident. So if you are interested you can register here.

Increasing Your Blog Traffic

Monday, December 15, 2008 · 3 comments

One way of increasing traffic to your blog is to submit your blog site on blog directories. Blog directories are indexed by search engines, so if you submit your site it will be eventually turn up on search results.

Here are some of the blog directories that you can register with to increase your back links. I have also included some websites/blogs where you can request back links from the sites owner.

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