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Monday, January 12, 2009 · 1 comments

If your looking to increase your blog traffic, you may take a look at Qassia. Qassia is an intelligence site where members submit tidbits of information called "intels". Intels are useful information of any kind that members can submit as long as it abides with Qassia's rules on submission.

How it Works
Once you are a member of Qassia you can submit your website or blogs. Members submit intels to gain credits in terms of Qassia dollars. The more intel you submit the more credits you accumulate. Qassia dollars determines your site's ranking on their directory pages. Every approved intel that a member submits will have a backlink pointing to the members site. As more intel are submitted, more backlinks will be generated. Members can also gain credits by reviewing or screening other members submitted intels. The credits given for reviewing intels can range from 5 to 9 Qassia dollars depending on the length of the screened intel. Qassia also has a referral program which can brought more credits for the members.To refer others to Qassia, a member would have to point visitors to his profile page. Once this visitor sign up for an account, then he will be credited as your referral. Members can also gain credits by rating other member's intel. One credit is given per rating.

Submitting Intels
There three methods that you can submit intels to Qassia. These are Unpublished Original Intel, "Existing Authored Content" and Legally Redistributed Content.

Unpublished Original content are intels that are not previously published on any site and is authored by the member itself.It is a content written specifically for Qassia. Member can get credit for this type of intel from Q$40 to Q$100 depending on the length plus Q$0-Q$300 depending on the rating. Existing Authored Content are intels which the members has previously published on his/her site or blogs. Members get Q$20-Q$50 depending on length plus Q$0-Q$150 depending on rating. Legally Redistributed Content are contents which a member has a right to legally distribute. Members do not get credits for this type of intel.

Earning Money on Qassia
Qassia has also a Google Adsense revenue sharing program. Every member's intel will have a Google ads displayed on their content. But before a member can generate revenue thru adsense, he/she should provide first his Adsense publisher ID. Members get %100 revenue for their adsense views.

If your are interested, you can take a look at my Qassia Profile.


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