Make Money with YousayToo

Monday, January 5, 2009 · 1 comments is another social networking site, which has an adsense revenue sharing program. Basically it is social networking site where you can upload photos, video and even flash games. You can also write blogs on the site to share it with your friends.

How it Works
Once you join Yousaytoo, you can add your existing blog. The site shares its revenues to its user, fifty percent adsense and fifty percent Amazon ads revenue. But before you can earn, you must first provide them your Adsense Id and Amazon Affiliate ID. You earn revenue from advertisement located on your content, i.e. blogs, pictures etc. You can also earn by referring your friends to Yousaytoo. You get fifteen percent revenue from your referred user ad views. You also get 10% ad views from users referred by your referred users. There are also regular contest on the site where you can win various prizes.

If you are not comfortable of giving them your Adsense ID, you can instead donate your earning to a charity. You can donate it to Greenpeace or the Red Cross.

Yousaytoo also has an affiliate program where you can earn $5 for every invited user who starts a blog and $3 if that user is active on the site. Once you sign up for the affiliate program you automatically get a sign-up bonus of $50. But you cannot cash out it yet because the minimum payout is $150. Payout for the affiliate program by the way is thru Paypal.

Yousaytoo is another nice of way of increasing your online earnings while making friends. A word of caution though, before you join these Adsense revenue sharing sites, investigate first. Better be safe than sorry.


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