YieldSense, An Alternative to Adsense?

Thursday, February 5, 2009 · 4 comments

A new ad program from Widgetsbucks can automatically rotates ads and adjusts it to earn your site more CPM. It detects what is the most optimum ads that it will display on your site to increase your rate of return and CPM. It automatically displays various products and decides which will be displayed frequently on your blog. Products that yield the highest rate of return are displayed most frequently to increase your earnings.

Bloggers can benefit with this new ad program by allowing higher eCPMs thus more revenue. As Yieldsense test the optimum ads for your blog it gets smarter as page impression volume grows. To display the best ad to show in your blog, Yieldsense test for past performance of a particular ad, click through rate, eCPM, site context, site category and site demographics. With this, blogger can be assured that the ads being displayed are relevant to the site.

As an existing publisher, Widgetbucks Yieldsense will be automatically integrated to your existing ads. If you are not an existing publisher yet, you can join here.

Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!

How to Drop 300 EC in Less Than an Hour


Dropping 300 EC a day is quite a daunting task, it takes quite lot of my time and effort which I may otherwise spend on some other things. To speed up my dropping task, I devised a way so that dropping EC can be shortened to less than an hour. As a new blogger I really need to build my traffic for my blog that’s why I have to do the 300-drop per day, just to build my traffic. Although I know that Entrecard is not the be all end all source of traffic, it still helps in increasing my readership and be notice.

So here's my little trick in dropping 300 EC in less than an hour. My fastest speed was about 40 minutes flat.

1. First step is you need to have Mozilla Firefox. Download here if you are don’t have it already.
2. After downloading Firefox, you need to install some add-ons that will help us speed up the dropping process.
3. Download and install the following Firefox add-ons:

    • Tabmix Plus

      • It is a nice little add-on where you can modify the behavior of your tabs.
      • Download here
    • Multiple Tab Handler

      • Adds more functionality to Firefox tabs such as close all tabs to the right or left, duplicate tabs. We need this coz Tabmix does not have the close tab to the right functionality. It will be clear later on why we need this functionality.
      • Download here.
    • Flashblock
      • This add-on block all embedded flash object on a web page. This will speed up the loading of the page.
      • Download here.

4. After downloading all the add-ons, you will need to restart Firefox. After the restart, we need to configure the add-ons that we have installed.
5. To configure TabmixPlus, go to Tool>TabmixOptions

6. At the TabmixPlus options dialog box click the Links menu.
    Copy the setting as shown below.

    Force to Open in New Tab >> All Links (Lock All Tabs)
7. Click the Display menu and set the minimum tab width to 22 pixels. Uncheck all the SHOW options.
8. Still at the Tabmix Plus Display menu, click the Tab bar tabs and uncheck all the SHOW options.

9. After configuring Tabmix Plus, you will have to enable Flashblock by going to Firefox>Tools>Add-Ons. A dialog box will appear and you will see the add-ons options. Go to Flashblock and click options then check to enable.

10. The last configuration we need to do is to set Firefox to block all images, this will also helps in speeding up the loading of web pages. Go to Tools>Options>Content

11. Uncheck the Load Images Automatically

12. Click the Exceptions button and enter the following address below.
  • entrecard.s3.amazonaws.com
  • entrecard.com

13. Go to your Entrecard account and then to campaign. Choose the category that interest you then click the site. Be sure to set the number of row at 6 rows. In my experience 30 open tabs is the optimum setting, higher than that makes my Firefox sluggish and unresponding.

14. Go to the first site that you click by clicking on the arrow at the upper right side of Firefox and scroll down to go to the site and drop your card.

15. Go to the next tab and drop your card.

16. After doing at least 10 open tabs, right click on the tab and a context menu will appear, then go to close tab right. This will close all the tabs on the right side that you already dropped on.

17. Repeat the process until you have dropped all 300 EC.

Well that’s about it, it takes me about 40 minutes to drop 300 EC's. One thing more remember when dropping, at least have the courtesy to read the sites content. When I do the drops and a blog interests me, I usually just bookmark the site and return to it after I finished my dropping chores.

Make Money With Linkworth

Monday, February 2, 2009 · 7 comments

During the start of my blogging foray, one of the ad networks that I join initially was Linkworth. Linkworth is an ad network that offers a vast selection of advertisement products. One thing I readily like about this site is the number of options available for bloggers.

Types of Account
There are two types of account available if you join the network, regular partner and preferred partner. Under the regular partner account revenue is split 70/30. With preferred account, members share is 50%, but there is an added feature wherein partners under the preferred account is listed prominently on LinkWorth's database so that it will stand out from the rest of the regular partner accounts. This will ensure more exposure to those with preferred accounts.

Mode of Payment
There are many payment options available for members of the network.

Checks are received after 2-14 days depending on member’s location. Minimum payout for checks is $100.

2. Direct Deposit
Only available for members residing on the United States. Minimum payout is $100.

3. Bank-to-Bank Wire Transfer
Available only for members outside the United States. There is a bank wire of $20 if you choose to be paid by this method. Minimum payment is $100.

4. Paypal
Available to all members of the Linkworth network. Minimum payment is $25.

Types of Ads

LinkWorth offers many different products such as LinkAds, LinkPost, etc. Below, we will go over each of these products and I will gave you some overview of each item.

1. LinkAds
Link ads are your normal html text links pointing directly to an advertisers landing page. Members control their earning potential by determining how many ads to host and which pages to host them.

2. LinkPost
This product allow advertiser to select your site to review their services or products. Once an advertiser has selected your LinkPost offering, you will receive an email where you can approve or decline the request. Payment will be based on the price that you set when you set up your LinkPost ad.

3. LinkWord
LinkWord is a combination of your normal text link and contextual ads. It is a PPC text ad where you earn if a user clicks on your ads. To enable LinkWord a code will have to be place on your blog. Once this is placed on your sites content, it will be automatically scanned for relevant keywords. LinkWord ads are underline links where a pop up ads will show whenever a user mouse over the text.

4. LinkinTxt
As a member of Link worth network, you can offer individual phrases or keyword within the content of your blog. The first thing to do is to submit your web pages so that Link worth can scan your web pages for relevant keywords. You can also submit each web page individually and choose which keyword to offer to advertisers. During this set up you can set the price for each keyword. Minimum price for each keyword is $5. If and advertiser is interested he will submit a request that you will have to approve.

5. LinkSURA
LinkSURA (single url rotating ads) are text link that directly point to and advertisers site. This is similar to LinkAds but it allows advertisers to rotate the anchor text with each page view or visit by search engine crawler. It allows your advertiser the ability to promote multiple anchor text keyword strings for a single landing page.

6. LinkMURA
Similar to LinkSURA that is it is also a rotating text link but it allows advertisers to rotate the anchor text and to target multiple pages on their site.

7. LinkBB
LinkBB are full-page advertisement displayed on your site. Members can choose template so that it will blend on their site. LinkBB content are written by Linkworth content writers, so members can be assured of high quality articles which can help you

8. LinkPack

It allows members to offer link ads on multiple domains.

9. LinkDir
This is a Linkworth service where members pay to be included on various Internet directories. This is not a free service, so members will have to pay based on the following plan.

JohnnyCash - Package1 - 100Dirs $250.00 one time fee.
LinkDir Silver Plan - Top 100 Directories $300.00 one time fee.
JohnnyCash - Package2 - 156Dirs $390.00 one time fee.
LinkDir Gold Plan - Top 200 Directories $550.00 one time fee.
LinkDir Platinum Plan - Top 300 Directories $750.00 one time fee.
JohnnyCash - Package3 - 159Dirs $1015.00 one time fee.

10. LinkArt
Members can submit articles for approval. I been searching for more info about this product but I haven't find anything about this ad product.

Other Features

1. Meta tag Tool
Generate META tags automatically for your blog.

2. Kw Density

Check your blog keyword density. Optimum keyword density should be about 3%-5%.

3. Buy Direct Tool

Members can place a banner on their blogs so that advertisers can directly request ads from them.

4. SE Position Tool
This is where members check their SE position on various search engines.

5. Site Tool
Check your blogs external and internal links.

6. LinkQuote
Check your blogs text link price.

7. Testimonials
Submit here what you think of Linkworth advertising.

In Closing
I been a member of this site for almost two months now and have earn only less than a dollar mainly because I am more focused on earning with Google Adsense. In spite of my dismal earnings on this network, I still think Linkworth is a good supplement with Google adsense in increasing my blog earnings. This is one network that I will explore more in the coming days.


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